New Products For March

  • Amish Jogging Harness

    Amish Jogging Harness with Bridle Includes: Bridle with your choice of ornament on the blinds Harness kit with breastcol

    Price $470.00

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  • Berry Bit 5"

    Circle cheeks are known for their ability to keep a horse going straight. They must be fitted snugly to make this work properly.SIDE PULL BIT

    Price $25.50

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  • Beta Halter

    Constructed of Soft Beta with a breakaway crown!! Solid Brass Hardware!Many colors to choose from! The Beta colors we carry are in the

    Price $31.75

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  • Beta Halter w/Color Trim

    Constructed of Soft Beta with a breakaway crown!!Solid Brass Hardware!12 Beta colors to choose from!! The Beta colors are in the Ch

    Price $34.75

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  • Burch Bit 5"

    For horses who hang on the overcheck!STAINLESS STEELAvailable in 5" only.

    Price $15.80

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  • chin burr

    COPPER BURRSSTAINLESS STEEL DEE'SMade with Beta webbing which is a high quality synthetic product for no dry rotting!We use

    Price $10.00

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  • Crit Davis Overcheck Bit 5"

    SOLID SPOOLSTAINLESS STEELThe Crit Davis Bit has a U shaped center which, if positioned properly

    Price $16.00

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  • Deluxe Harness w/Beta Padded Buxton

    HARNESS INCLUDES:Saddle with CouplersShaped Girth CrupperOpen BridleBio/Beta Lines w/Beta HandholdsCavosenBeta Padded Buxton

    Price $445.00

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