• Knee Spreader with rubber ring - double armed go straight

    Buxton style knee spreader helps to widen the horse's gait so they don't hit their knees as hard. Easy to put on. double spreader, works on [...]

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  • Colic And Bloat Medicine


    Price $21.00

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  • 2001 Snap 1" wide SS

    The 2001 Snaps are often used on lines by the Amish because they are fast paced and want to buckle or snap it in quickly at all times!!1" Stainless [...]

    Price $3.70

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  • MSM - 55 lb

    99% pure MSM - 55 lb in one container for significant price savings! The photo shown is 5 lb container.

    Price $231.00

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  • MSM - 5 lb

    99% pure MSM 5 lbs of 99% pure MSM! Buy 55 lb containers here: http://www.yonies.com/catalog/product_info.php/msm-p-576

    Price $34.25

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  • Replacement crown for the Beta Halter

    Constructed of Soft Beta this breakaway crown fits on our beta halters! The Beta colors we carry are in the Choose Beta Color drop-down.

    Price $5.75

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  • Bit pouch

    Bit pouch. Designed by guys who use these all day, so they're built to last! 7 small bits + 2 large bits. Custom pouches available, we strive [...]

    Price $32.00

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  • Springloaded Bit -  Bowman - Springsteen

    Springsteen Bit designed and mfg by Bowman Bit USA. 5" model in stock, other sizes available by custom order (additional time required, if you have [...]

    Price $185.00

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