Black Corn Broom


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A Sturdy Classic!

Solid Poplar Wood Handle!

Water resistant!!!

Great in rain or snow!

Our Brooms are widely appreciated by customers both in the USA and abroad!!

Corn brooms are an eco-friendly product!

The materials used to produce corn brooms are all biodegradable and do not pollute the environment which means that the product itself can also be considered an eco-friendly product.

Our corn brooms can be fully recycled by cutting the black cloth fabric at the top of broom that exposes the metal wire. Pull out the small staples that are securing the metal wire and then you can unwind the wire that will detach the wooden shaft from the broom top. Wooden handle and the broom top can be used as compost or biomass, while the metal wire and staples can be recycled in proper recycling containers.

Black Broom is pictured in middle.

NOTE: Brooms require additional shipping charges due to their height.
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