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Custom Harness For Combined Driving and Marathon Events.

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Due to an agreement with our pleasure driving dealers we will not be offering on-line sales for Pleasure driving harnesses. However, we can still be contacted for off-line sales. Our contact information can be found in the "Contact us" section.

To view our catalog online click on the link in the top of the website - Downloads - Product Catalogue.
If you have any problems getting a copy of the catalog please email us and we will be happy to get you a copy.

Physical copies of our catalog are available for free by contacting us.

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You can view our complete driving catalog online: Master Catalog
Contact a dealer to get pricing. Prices will vary as dealers often get their "special" package with options that they prefer on their harness.

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A few notes when measuring your horse for a harness.

Browband (B) - We measure our browbands from p to p. Remember that the bridle crown is 1-1/2” wide on each side. The best way to do this is to have a 1” wide halter on your horse, have the halter back a 3/4” from the ear. Now take your measurement including the halter on each side.

Breastcollar for Single (H) - When Properly fitted, the breastcollar will be approx.3” close to touching the saddle. The best way to get a good breastcollar measurement is to have a saddle and belly band (or Surcingle) on you horse, in the posi on where it fits the best. Then get your measurement.

Breastcollar for Pairs only (I) - The best way to get this measurement is to put a saddle and bellyband on , and then measure from the center of the saddle around the front , to the center of the saddle.

Turnback (E) - Again, here it works best to have a saddle on your horse. Example why: Our saddle are a total of 5” wide, Including the dee ring where the Turnback buckles in - if you measure without the saddle it may not be as accurate. Your measurement should be to the base of the tail

Breeching (G) - We like to see the Breeching come around in front of the Flank Line ( see above drawing)