• Hopple -- Trotting Hopples with bike strap

    Includes hangers! Designed to go to the bike.

    Price $225.00

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  • Hammer Tacker - slap stapler holster

    Tool Pouch for Hammer Tacker. Tired of your pouches just wearing out? Have problems with your pouches getting out of shape and not being able to [...]

    Price $28.75

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  • Knee Spreader with rubber ring - one armed go straight

    Buxton style knee spreader helps to widen the horse's gait so they don't hit their knees as hard. Can be used on either side. Easy to put on. [...]

    Price $123.50

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  • Roller Burr, Long Model - with burrs the entire length

    We use copper burs so there isn't rust to deal with!Installed in a high quality synthetic product for no dry rotting!!Available in Black only.

    Price $46.25

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  • Mohawk overcheck bit with loose rings

    Mohawk Overcheck bit May help a horse that has a difficulty keeping his head upright/travels with his head "leaning" ( not to be confused with [...]

    Price $32.50

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  • Marble bit - Waterford bit

    Marble bit. Or otherwise known as a Waterford bit. 5" Stainless Steel.

    Price $22.75

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  • Biothane® Tie Down With Rubber Ring

    3/4 inch Genuine Biothane!®Cleans easily!!Rubber ring for Stretch!!Has some adjustment!

    Price $20.00

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  • Quick Hitch Attachment for Sulky Shafts


    Price $17.60

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