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Triple Performance Lick Tub from Equi-Lète

Introducing the Triple Performance Lick Tub from Equi-Lète, the elite free choice supplement designed to boost equine health and vitality.

This lick tub provides the nutritional advantages of Triple Play in a convenient form, making it the ideal choice for horse owners who want to improve the health of their livestock.

Essential Nutrients for Equine Health

The Triple Performance Lick Tub contains essential nutrients to support immune and GI tract health, reproduction, and the growth of bone and cartilage, including a cold-ocean derived source of calcium and high-quality vitamins and trace minerals.

Excellent Consistency and Hardness

The Triple Performance Lick Tub is characterized by its excellent consistency and hardness, making it a great complement to pasture.

Available in 60 lb and 200 lb Lick Tubs

It is available in 60 lb and 200 lb lick tubs, and is trusted by horse owners and trainers around the world for its effectiveness and quality.

Feeding Instructions

To use, simply feed this supplement free choice to horses. Consumption may vary depending on size of animals, health status, weather conditions, as well as quality, source, and availability of other feeds.

Place the lick tub approximately 75 ft from loafing and/or watering areas and adjust its position based on intake. Approximate intake will be 0.5 to 1.5 pounds per head per day.

Remember to always provide clean, fresh water and free choice white salt along with Equi-Lète Triple Performance Lick.

Improve the Health of Your Horse

Improve the health of your horse with the Triple Performance Lick Tub, now available from Equi-Lète.

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