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Minimum order quantity is: 1
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Yoder's Horse Heave Special is an old, proven, all natural product now made available to the public!!

It has also been used by horsemen for many years and has been proven over and over for its effectiveness.
Yoder's Horse Heave Special was developed and used by the Amish and Mennonites in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania for decades!!

It's all natural and can be used on race days!
If used daily it builds the immune system.
A must for horses with cold symptoms, fever or sore throat!

From the label on container: One scoop or tablespoon on feed daily. To start a finicky eater, mix only a small amount in the feed for a few days.

If the animal has a cough or cold, discharge from nostrils, climatic fever, and other such evidence of ill condition, feed more frequently until brought back to normal, then one dose per day.

In very extreme cases three doses per day will do no harm, but this is seldom necessary. Two doses per day for a week or ten days is very good in starting a sick animal, then cut down to one dose per day. One dose per day will keep the animal in a normal state of health.


Thyme & Hyssop: Astringent and decongestant: effective for coughs, asthma and bronchitis.
Foenugreek: Used for inflammations, allergies, bronchial catarrh and stomach irritations.
Sage: Used for blood purifier and better circulation.
Ginger: Stomach Conditioner, nerve stabilizer.
Sea Kelp: Conditioner of body glands and kidneys.
Ferrous Sulfate: Provides iron which is a blood builder.
Calcium Carbonate: Bone builder, muscle toner, nerve relaxant.
Sulphur: Used to condition lungs and air passages.
Charcoal: Used to balance ph levels in the stomach, reducing gas.
Cream of Tartar: Stomach Sweetner.

Available in 1lb, 5lb, 25lb.
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