Yonies Harness Shop is a family-owned business based in the rolling hills of Eastern Lancaster County in Honey Brook, Pennsylvania.

Yonies manufactures synthetic harness and tack products to the Amish and Mennonite communities as well as the Harness Racing and Pleasure/Combined Driving communities throughout the world.

Yonies is especially known for quality workmanship and identifying or leading industry trends.

Early history - A young boy born into the Daniel Stoltzfus family was blessed to have 2 sisters and 7 brothers. Jonathon was chosen at the age of 12 to help his older sister sew buttons onto his and all his brothers pants, shirts and coats. As the years went by Jonathon began to like sewing so much that he found other ways to satisfy his interest and started producing Amish buggy harnesses. Jonathon soon decided to turn his new endeavor into a business. Yonies Harness Shop was established in 1992.

Why Yonies? Thank you for asking! Yonie is derived from the Hebrew language of Yoni pronounced (YOH nee) which is short for Yehonatan pronounced (yeh ho NAT an). Yehonatan is the Hebrew form of the popular name Jonathan. So we can see that the short English and Amish name for Yonie is John and long form is Jonathon. Yonie is the nickname for John or Jonathon similar to Bob for Robert and Bill for William. The founder of Yonies Harness shop is Yonie Stoltzfus in Pennsylvania Dutch language or John or Jonathon Stoltzfus in English.

Yonies added its first employee in 1995. Yonies business mainly grew by word of mouth from various individuals who used and appreciated our products. We are very grateful for everyone that has recommended us over the years! And we do know who you are!

A unique combination of traditional and modern lifestyles is common in our area where horse and carriages interact with cars and trucks on the streets. Lancaster County is internationally known for its skilled artisans, impeccable craftsmanship, and dedicated work ethic. We aim to carry on that tradition by producing the highest quality synthetic harnesses and tack on the market today.

Yonies manufacturing shop is completely independent of the electrical grid. We create all the power we use. Additionally, the majority of our team members live near the shop so they walk or scoot to work. Others that live a distance from the shop do carpool with a driver. It is a place where craftsmen can work at their trade and still watch their neighbors as they work in the fields, planting, cultivating and finally harvesting the crops of corn and hay, seeing the beauty of nature and drawing inspiration for their work.

Yonies has grown from a home based necessity to a worldwide business since our humble beginnings. We now have multiple employees and home based sub-contractors who have employees and or independent contractors. We can design, manufacture and produce whatever you desire.

Website started in November 2013.

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