New Products For July

  • Biothane® Tie Down

    3/4 inch Genuine Biothane!®Cleans easily!!Doesn't Stretch!!Has some adjustment!18 Bio colors!To go to the buxton.

    Price $19.00

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  • Biothane® Tie Down With Rubber Ring

    3/4 inch Genuine Biothane!®Cleans easily!!Rubber ring for Stretch!!Has some adjustment!

    Price $23.00

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  • Blinds only

    Replacement Blinds For the Blind Bridle #6500!!Has 1/2" Stainless Steel Buckles!18 Colors! The colors we carry are in the Choose Trim Color [...]

    Price $48.00

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  • Blinds only w/Snap on Murphy's

    Blinds only with Snap on Murphy's!Can be put on your existing bridle or added to your new bridle!1/2 inch straps and Stainless Steel [...]

    Price $71.00

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  • Blinds with Snaps For convertible bridle

    Replacement Blinds for our Convertible Bridles!!Stainless Steel buckles and snaps!Available in Black only.Priced per pair.

    Price $26.00

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  • Brow Band

    Our Brow Band has a 1/2" Bio-colored strip with a 3/4" Bio back liner!18 Colors! The colors we carry are in the Choose Trim Color drop-down below.

    Price $8.00

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  • Bungee Tie Down

    HAS STRETCH!!THE ONE YOU NEED!A FRIENDLIER TIE DOWN!ADJUSTABLE!This Tie Down has a bungee section at the top. It lets your horse have just a little [...]

    Price $18.00

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  • Crown - Shaped

    Shaped to fit behind horses ears!Bio straps with soft foam on inside.Fits any of our bridles!Available in Black only.

    Price $31.00

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