• Hose Quencher 2.3oz

    You lead them to water, we'll make them drink.1 serving per packet

    Price $2.25

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  • Natural Horse Wormer .5lb

    Parasite Free - the natural way Helps support a healthy and naturally worm and parasite free bodily systems.

    Price $16.00

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  • Sleekies

    SleekEZ Animal Grooming toolThe SleekEZ grooming tool grabs the tips of the hair rather than the base of the coat, extracting shedding hair, dirt, [...]

    Price $15.95

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  • Hopples for Riding on horseback

    Our Loops on these Hopples have a clear loop with a colored nylon insert to match the center strap. Includes hangers. Select with Crupper to [...]

    Price $192.00

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  • bundle of 10 Yonies Flex 36" Whip w/ 3" builtin popper

    MN Racing Standard: 36" with 3" built in popper - bundle of 10 This price for 10 pcs.

    Price $187.00

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  • Samples/Consulting 5+pcs material, Catalog, wholesale pricelist,

    Sample package - consulting. Send us photos of your project and we will send you samples of materials that we think would work for this project. [...]

    Price $25.00

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  • 303 Harness Wax

    Shines & treats BioThane Coated webbing products. Makes it look like new! Protect from Freezing! We suggest always try any type of soap/cleaning [...]

    Price $27.00

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  • Knee Spreader with rubber ring - double armed go straight

    Buxton style knee spreader helps to widen the horse's gait so they don't hit their knees as hard. Easy to put on. double spreader, works on [...]

    Price $210.00

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