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Minimum order quantity is: 1
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Custom Harness For Combined Driving and Marathon Events.

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by joan wilsonDate Added: Wednesday 19 February, 2020

My new harness with black patent leather arrived today and it is GORGEOUS. I had friends over to dinner and one is a long time pleasure driver who said "It looks just like leather", she was VERY very impressed!

I am happy to set my leather harness aside, this is even better looking and so much easier to clean.

Everything fits my small Pony perfectly and it is so good looking on her, the craftsmanship is just the BEST!

Thank you to everyone at Yonie's, you make the process very easy, good email versification and even delivered it twos days BEFORE promised.

I can whole heartedly recommend your product, your service and your price!!

My Best,

Joanie and Star Pony

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A few notes when measuring your horse for a harness.

Browband (B) - We measure our browbands from p to p. Remember that the bridle crown is 1-1/2” wide on each side. The best way to do this is to have a 1” wide halter on your horse, have the halter back a 3/4” from the ear. Now take your measurement including the halter on each side.

Breastcollar for Single (H) - When Properly fitted, the breastcollar will be approx.3” close to touching the saddle. The best way to get a good breastcollar measurement is to have a saddle and belly band (or Surcingle) on you horse, in the posi on where it fits the best. Then get your measurement.

Breastcollar for Pairs only (I) - The best way to get this measurement is to put a saddle and bellyband on , and then measure from the center of the saddle around the front , to the center of the saddle.

Turnback (E) - Again, here it works best to have a saddle on your horse. Example why: Our saddle are a total of 5” wide, Including the dee ring where the Turnback buckles in - if you measure without the saddle it may not be as accurate. Your measurement should be to the base of the tail

Breeching (G) - We like to see the Breeching come around in front of the Flank Line ( see above drawing)