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Triple Play: The Ultimate Equine Supplement for Optimal Health and Performance

Triple Play is a specially formulated equine supplement that provides essential nutrients for optimal gastric health, body condition and performance. Made with quality ingredients, it is designed to support all classes of horses with seaweed-derived calcium, vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids.


  • Contains Seaweed-derived Calcium for Gastric Comfort and Support for Bone and Cartilage
  • Nutrition to Support Immune and GI Tract Health, Reproduction & Performance
  • Supports Mare and Stallion Condition

Benefits of Triple Play:

  • Provides optimal nutrition for all classes of horses with a complete vitamin & mineral pack
  • Includes seaweed-derived calcium for prolonged gastric buffering and bone and cartilage support
  • Provides essential amino acids for muscle development and improved body condition, including Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Components for excellent hoof and coat quality
  • Pre, Pro and postbiotics for optimal feed efficiency, improved gut health and efficient immune function
  • B-Vitamins for maximum performance
  • Highly bio-available trace minerals including copper, zinc, manganese and selenium
  • Transform a horse in 100 days, with one bag of Triple Play®
  • Palatable and easy to use

Don't settle for a mediocre supplement. Triple Play is the ultimate solution for optimal health and performance for your horse. Try it today and see the difference it can make!

Order now and give your horse the nutrients it deserves!

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