303 Harness Wax


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Shines & treats BioThane Coated webbing products. Makes it look like new!
Protect from Freezing!

We suggest always try any type of soap/cleaning agent on a small part of your harness first, just in case something goes wrong.

For cleaning synthetic/BioThane materials: dishwash or carwash soap does the trick most times. Spray on water with soap/let set a minute/wipe it off or rinse off. We have started using this product for things with sweat on it (let it soak for 30 seconds and it wipes right off)

This product is also also very good for putting on a harness and prevents dirt from accumulating as quickly (think of it as waxing your car, it doesn't get dirty as soon)
The downside to using this, it gets slippery, so don't put it on the lines or any parts of the harness that touch the lines too much (We suggest taking lines off of the harness before using it)
This product may add a slight sheen to the product directly after using it.
Environmentally safe, non-toxic, non-flammable, bio-degradable. Very effective against UV rays. Contains no silicone oils, waxes, glycerin, or petroleum distillates. Leaves a like-new, non-oily, anti-static finish that does not attract dust. Surfaces stay cleaner for longer, reducing maintenance.
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